This was a very difficult year. Gatherings, Events, and the like were all canceled or postponed indefinitely. We could not meet the people, see their latest upgrades/builds, and enjoy the lifestyle we have been accustomed to. We at Tanoshi Design were also affected by the Corona Virus, but under strict guidelines, we took measures against Corona Virus and held a small gathering to end the year. TANOSHI DAY! We held our event at Aqua Ignis, Mie Prefecture in Japan where each person could experience the “Fun” Tanoshi Lifestyle. Nearly 70 very clean high-level vehicles gathered attended the event and Tanoshi Designs sold goods. We made sure that everyone was safe and went as far as to be vigilant for noise complaints, too! Hope everyone had a great time and we look forward to future events. We are trying to make this an annual event at this location. Hope you and your loved ones are safe in this difficult time.

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