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Another month that Mastermind North America received their WORK Wheels. Whoever ordered these sets are ready for some serious setup.  For more Japanese goodies contact our friends at Mastermind North America.   Till next time keep WORKING Hard and be safe.  

We had asked the president of WORK Wheels Japan how we started collaborating and her favorite Tanoshi designs. Check out the video below.  

As Jonsibal always killing the game. Widebody A90 Supra with Tom’s / Castrol’s livery for that Gran Turismo Super GT. Follow Jonsibal at

Here at the Tanoshi brand, we are always trying to innovate and to also showcase some of the best lifestyle apparel on the market. In order to do that, we always try to be as creative as possible and that’s why we partnered with the WORK Wheels. We started our partnership in 2016 and it […]