Rocket Bunny S30 Purple Reign

What can we say about this Quebec Purple Rocket Bunny S30? First off, every detailed parts and colour is on point. We would like to pinpoint the super LS7 motor not only ITB but other carbon parts that went with it. Obviously did not cut any corners but then again, cut the fenders to fit the Rocket Bunny kit or Pandem as you may call it nowadays. Equiped with Scale suspension and LÜFTEN BRAKES. One and only 15″ WORK Wheels. Congrats on the hard work and keep them coming. We are also want to mention that, we are grateful for your support from day one. One day we get to see this beast and make some more videos. Stay tuned.


Shoutout to:

Full clear wrap by Reflex Teinte and Llumar
Vtech Carrosserie for paint
Rc custom for diffuser
Illuminati carbon fiber
Props to Jp and Jim of Scale suspension

Purple Rocket bunny widebody

Rocket bunny / Pandem kit S30 in quebec

Rocketbunny S30

Rocket bunny / Pandem kit S30 in quebec

Rocketbunny S30 purple

Rocket bunny / Pandem kit S30 in quebecWORK Wheels lifestyle 



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