Rocket Bunny FRS Version 2

Building a car to fit your taste is always a great way to express who you are and why you purchased all these car parts. First off, I would like to thank the man upstairs and to my wife. She supported me through this build and to my friends that help make this possible. without the help, support, and motivation this would not come through. So much time, money, and organizing to make things smoother but making it to SEMA in less than two weeks chiaa right… DRAMA and FRUSTRATION begin LOL Project Tanoshi Creative Lifestyle Began in 2013. Rocket Bunny fitting, calling for transport, wheels for fitment, shops to purchase parts, and Falken Tires. Part two – Driving the car from Montreal to New Jersey to meet John Rey Cui at Wired Electronics. Left Montreal at 9 pm and got there at 4 am. Started to work on the car and so many things still need to install. With 3 hours of sleep, the day before and everything seems so fast that I did not even check the car. We had to install the Buddy Club exhaust, Konig wheels, Falken Tire, Takata seats, Takata belts, and Project kics lugs and adapters not knowing if the wheels and tires would sit properly on the car but it did 🙂 Transport came in and still was working on the car LOL. Journey continues… I would like to thank the dedicated friends and shops that help this build for SEMA. I know it was very last minute 🙂 – Rocket Bunny Japan – Greg (Automotion) – Mathieu DeBroin ( – Simon DeBroin ( – Charles ( – Fernando ( – Kirby ( – Jeff – Steven Nguyen – Henry Nguyen – Freddy Huyn – Joshua Carter – John Rey Cui (Wired Electronics) – Roman Carlo Vas (Wired Electronics) – Mikey Tet – Konig Wheels – Gerald Tan (Invision Auto Imports) – Peter (Nextmod) KIDO RACING. After this journey, I had a few updated looks and shoes. Here we are the unpublished video of the TANOSHI FRS ROCKET BUNNY. Hope you enjoyed the teaser.

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