Max Orido – Race car driver

We want to thank Mr. Orido for taking this picture. We design this for him to oversee class with a racing hint to it. Check out Max Orido website and soon we will be releasing a video for his tribute.

Max Orido is 49 and he has a fabled career in motorsports. He dedicated most of his life racing, and the best part is that he continually tried to evolve and he took things to a new perspective with each try! The best part about Max Orido is that he represents our motto, we never give up and we always strive to conquer more and to find out some new results and improve on what we already did.

There’s always room for better things, and that’s exactly what we encourage everyone to check out our products inspired by Max Orido and his artwork and life. Also, our brand and Max Orido also have something very important in common, and that is a huge passion for racing.

The primary reason why we are creating these amazing apparel items for you is because we want to share the ultimate love and passion for cars in a way that’s unique and meaningful. We want everyone to enjoy the amazing cars and brands in Japan, all while being able to acquire apparel items related to them.





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