How we started with WORK Wheels Japan

Here at the Tanoshi brand, we are always trying to innovate and to also showcase some of the best lifestyle apparel on the market. In order to do that, we always try to be as creative as possible and that’s why we partnered with the WORK Wheels.
We started our partnership in 2016 and it was pretty much a godsend for both companies. We created some rather simplistic, slick designs that our customers enjoyed quite a lot. We are always committed to the idea of bringing in some cool, unique designs for our customers. Tanoshi wants to showcase the best of the best when it comes to motorsports in Japan, and WORK Wheels is definitely a top of the line manufacturer. The company has always strived to push itself to the next level, to the point where all customers enjoyed and appreciated the great benefits they received in here. We are always passionate about art and showcasing the best designs for these amazing companies that do a great job in the Japanese motorsports. We couldn’t be more excited to showcase all these great ideas and designs, and we are extremely happy to bring in front all these astonishing and one of a kind solutions for all of our customers.
It’s always important to bring in some great lifestyle apparel, and with the WORK Wheels line, we believe we hit the jackpot. The entire line looks amazing, and at the same time, it impresses you with the great attention to detail and unique, outstanding lines and features. We are always here to assist you with the value and help you need. It’s always important to know how and when to tackle any potential challenges that may appear. And when you purchase the WORK Wheels apparel, nothing is impossible. These are amazing pieces of clothing that will impress you quite a lot. We recommend you to check them out, as they are among some of the best we have to offer!

WORK Wheels Apparel

Tanoshiブランドは常に革新を図り、市場で最も優れたライフスタイルを取り入れた服装をご紹介します。これを実現するために、私たちは常に創造的な作品を追求しています。その一環として、WORK Wheelsとの提携を行いました。
Tanoshiは日本のモータースポーツ業界が誇る最高の作品を表現するために存在します。WORK Wheelsは間違いなくラインメーカーのトップをひた走る企業です。同社は常に、すべての顧客が最高レベルの満足を享受できるよう、高いレベルを目指し躍進を続けています。

偉大なライフスタイルをアパレル業界に持ち込むことは常に重要です。そして、WORK Wheelsとの提携はこの目標達成に大きく貢献しました。ライン全体が素晴らしく、同時に、細かな点にも細心の注意が払われています。私たちは常に皆様に価値をお届けし、必要なサポートを行うためにここにいます。出現する可能性のある問題を常に予見することは非常に重要です。

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