History of WORK Wheels

In March 1977 Takeshi Tanaka started the company with a capital of 4,000,000 jpy around $40,000 USD. In August 1977 WORK Wheels launched the Equip Series. In January 1979 the company grew to 10 people. By May the company increased capital to $100,000 USD. By December 1979 WORK Wheels established 3 piece wheel assembly plant. In January 1980 WORK Wheels started exporting to Asian countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, etc…

So why join the motorsports? The reason why they joined motorsports is that they believe that wheels are an important item looks after our life. The focus in better quality, prevents the loss of lives, product to test in the motorsport events. By 1983 WORK Wheels started exporting to America. It is time to join the American dream!

February 1985 launched the new WORK Emotion Series. Ten years later WORK Wheels launched the WORK Meister Series. Other new designs such as the WORK Meister S1R Series. So for 40 years strong and 30 years with the brand of WORK Emotion as for celebration. By August 2015 Chika Tanaka is appointed President and CEO. We will see more designs and quality-driven in more years to come.


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