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As many Nissan Z33s out there, this one stood out from its simplicity and as well a TANOSHI BRAND customer. Don’t forget, if you see his Z33 at events, don’t be a stranger and say wassup. We want to say, thank you for always supporting what TANOSHI BRAND does with WORK WHEELS. Without our fans and […]

At today’s day in age, networking is a key factor to help others and others help you to represent what we love doing. In future collaborations and features, we want to personally thank LIBERAL VIEW for their amazing work. Stay tuned for upcoming features.

We could not take our eyes off this beauty and a beast from the WORK WHEELS FITMENT EVENT in JAPAN. We had an opportunity to feature this car from LIBERAL VIEW and we are so happy to showcase this one unique Nissan S14. Don’t forget to follow the driver of this badass Nissan S14 Photographer: […]

October 27th, we have arranged a very special meet and greet for all the diehard ’86 owners and enthusiasts. Arriving all the way from Japan, we’d like to welcome YOSHINORI KAMATA, owner and brainchild of legendary ’86 tuning shop TEC-ART’S. 🇯🇵🙏 ______________________________ TEC-ART’S MEET & GREET FEAUTURING – Yoshinori Kamata PRESENTED BY – Mastermind HOSTED BY […]

The Nissan R34 Sedan has been ignored for many but for some, its still nicknamed Godzilla from the land of the rising sun as a dream car for both kids and adults. With Tsukasa san R34 sedan it’s definitely unique with the URAS kit.  We want to thank him for the support in Japan alongside […]

We want to thank Mr. Orido for taking this picture. We design this for him to oversee class with a racing hint to it. Check out Max Orido website and soon we will be releasing a video for his tribute. Max Orido is 49 and he has a fabled career in motorsports. He dedicated most […]

Our good friend Paolo Gonzales Lancer Evolution X is one hell of a car. We truly admire all his hard work into this car and we are endlessly in love with all the mods he put in. Every detailed part and the graphics to match his Endless brakes. This Evo X is a truly JDM at […]

A few have ask, what is TANOSHI brand. Well, let’s start by letting everyone know that TANOSHI means (fun). We love to showcase a lot of designs that cater to different styles. For some, simple and clean. We like to express ourselves in designs and creativity. We want to thank Imawaka for representing what we […]

Here at the Tanoshi brand, we are always trying to innovate and to also showcase some of the best lifestyle apparel on the market. In order to do that, we always try to be as creative as possible and that’s why we partnered with the WORK Wheels. We started our partnership in 2016 and it […]

It is no surprise that the Auto Concept Elite family repping hard at the Autocon Event in Los Angeles. In collaboration with our new brand release the RONIN Reintroduce by no master flying with the nobori flag. We want to congratulate Jesse and Paolo for the best Nissan and Mitsubishi. Keep up the great work and the team.

Thank you Benny for the pic. You been supporting us since the day we have collaborated with WORK Wheels Japan.  On behalf of our brands, we want to thank you for the support and the love you have given us. Enjoy your package and hope to see more selfies. WORK Wheels Apparel

What can we say about this Quebec Purple Rocket Bunny S30? First off, every detailed parts and colour is on point. We would like to pinpoint the super LS7 motor not only ITB but other carbon parts that went with it. Obviously did not cut any corners but then again, cut the fenders to fit the Rocket […]