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本人登場 戦闘員活動がんばってください Artfactory Graphics

Chatted with the BOSS man / Creative artist for all Pandem / Rocketbunny kit that for SEMA this year there will be a few new kits out. Toyota A90 Supra Toyota A90 Supra 1.5 version Toyota AE86 Nissan S13 Silvia Nissan Titan Datsun B110 Sunny Datsun 2000 Honda 5800 We can’t wait to see all […]

If you don’t know who ART FACTORY GRAPHICS is, they are the team that makes cool graphics for drift cars such as GREDDY, JUN, J’S RACING, etc… we will be showcasing more of their work as well as we will introduce a collaboration design for apparel. バイナルグラフィック専門店 ART FACTORY GRAPHICSへようこそ  フォローよろしくお願いします! グラフィックのお問い合わせは まで Location: […]

As Jonsibal always killing the game. Widebody A90 Supra with Tom’s / Castrol’s livery for that Gran Turismo Super GT. Follow Jonsibal at

It was a pleasure visiting at Bee*R Japan. A few rare items or shall we say a Nissan R34 V-spec with only 15,000 kms yes you hurd that right. Hopefully someday will get to visit again and this time will bring home some goodies.

Got the chance to visit Aimgain and wanted to thank them for their hospitality. Thank you as well Mastermind NA for the proper tour.  

Congratulations to all winners and participants. 1stplace Jun Horii 2ndplace Masatomo Nakagawa 3rd place Kenya Ise staff choice Probox Kazuma Fukui staff choice MOVE Latte Masayuki Kojima Tanoshichoice EVO X Tetsuya Nagayama Tanoshichoice S14 Naofumi Yamamoto GIRLS choice Sinsei Nagai WORKchoice Civic Yuichi Gotou WORKchoice Soarar Natsuml Takeuchi Thank you WORK WHEELS JAPAN and WORK […]

First thing first, to even be considered slam, to me, is to not be able to see the light on the side of this car. While we were looking more and more of this Fitted Rocket Bunny Kit we love to see more 350zs out there.

Tanoshi Design will be showcasing the famous POWER BUILDER BEE R Japan hoodie Limited in Japan. This will be limited quantities only. Get your pre-orders today through BEE R Japan. Release date will be early 2019.