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Tanoshi Design will be showcasing the famous POWER BUILDER BEE R Japan hoodie Limited in Japan. This will be limited quantities only. Get your pre-orders today through BEE R Japan. Release date will be early 2019.    

We want to thank Mr. Orido for taking this picture. We design this for him to oversee class with a racing hint to it. Check out Max Orido website and soon we will be releasing a video for his tribute. Max Orido is 49 and he has a fabled career in motorsports. He dedicated most […]

A few have ask, what is TANOSHI brand. Well, let’s start by letting everyone know that TANOSHI means (fun). We love to showcase a lot of designs that cater to different styles. For some, simple and clean. We like to express ourselves in designs and creativity. We want to thank Imawaka for representing what we […]