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Our friends at MasterMind just received their kit from URAS. If you have any questions about the pro duct please contact

A newly designed, the next-generation seat from BRIDE’s over 30 years of RnD car seats. New Zeta IV and the New XERO Seats. Available at MASTERMIND.    

This was a very difficult year. Gatherings, Events, and the like were all canceled or postponed indefinitely. We could not meet the people, see their latest upgrades/builds, and enjoy the lifestyle we have been accustomed to. We at Tanoshi Design were also affected by the Corona Virus, but under strict guidelines, we took measures against […]

Another month that Mastermind North America received their WORK Wheels. Whoever ordered these sets are ready for some serious setup.  For more Japanese goodies contact our friends at Mastermind North America.   Till next time keep WORKING Hard and be safe.  

Building a car to fit your taste is always a great way to express who you are and why you purchased all these car parts. First off, I would like to thank the man upstairs and to my wife. She supported me through this build and to my friends that help make this possible. without […]

Going all in. Sure, there are many great Porches out there. In fact, this Porche your seeing is one many favorites. Owner, Ood Cayman had put in some WORK and it is showcased with Hop-up Air suspension. Installed by Royal Garage in Thailand. Shoutout to Tor at SERIALONE for these awesome photos.  

We had asked the president of WORK Wheels Japan how we started collaborating and her favorite Tanoshi designs. Check out the video below.  

We have decided to make a project car for 2020. 2001 Nissan Skyline 4 door. Its a 5 speed non-turbo but we like to just keep it simple and enjoy the RHD experience. As to our friends at Mastermind NA we would like to say thank you for the support as always and making sure […]

Another virtual look of the new Pandem AE86 aero kit. This is an exciting release as the exterior will be released for SEMA Show. From Dai Yoshihara Turn 14 demo car. 

In March 1977 Takeshi Tanaka started the company with a capital of 4,000,000 jpy around $40,000 USD. In August 1977 WORK Wheels launched the Equip Series. In January 1979 the company grew to 10 people. By May the company increased capital to $100,000 USD. By December 1979 WORK Wheels established 3 piece wheel assembly plant. […]